Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gluten Free Desserts & Appetizers

Check out the following link to our website!  We've posted some tasty recipes for gluten-free appetizers and desserts.   Perfect for holiday parties and gluten-free gift giving!  Yum!

December Coupon Match Ups!

Here is the first installment in December coupon match-ups.  We hope these savings help make your holidays a bit merrier!

In-Store Coupons:

Mambo Sprouts (new Holiday coupon book!)

Sunspire Vegan Carob Baking Chips.  Sale $3.29.  Coupon $2/2  Final Price $4.58/2 or $2.29 each

Arrowhead Mills $1/1 Arrowhead Mills Item
          Possible Deals:  Arrowhead Mills Gingerbread Cookie Mix Sale $3.29.  Final Price $2.29
                                   Arrowhead Stuffing $2.99

Annie's Bunny Cereals.  Sale on select flavors $3.39;  Coupon $1/1.  Final Cost $2.29

Glutino Cookie Wafers on sale for $3.29.  Coupon $1/1.  Final Cost $2.29.

Gluten Free Pantry Gingerbread Spice Cake Mix on sale for $3.49.  Coupon $1/1.  Final Cost $2.49.

Health Valley Select Soups on sale $1.79.  Coupon 75 cents/2.  Final Cost $2.83/2 or $1.42 each.

Imagine select low sodium broth on sale $2.39.  Coupon 75 cents/2.  Final Cost $4.03/2 or $2.02 each.
Imagine Gravy also on sale: $1.99.  Final Cost $3.23/2 or $1.62 each.  Or you can mix and match.

Rice Dream:  Every Day Low Price: $2.79each     Coupon $1/2.  Final Cost: $4.58/2 or $2.29 each.

Pick up in store:  Healthy Clippings Holiday 2009

Frontier $1/1 bottled item.  Select Spices on sale for $3.99.  Final cost $2.99.  4 oz. Vanilla on sale for $6.79.  Final cost $5.79.

Woodstock Farms $1/1 Organic Sugar.  Organic Brown Sugar & Organic Cane sugar on sale for $2.99.  Final Price $1.99!

Cascadian Farms Vegetables $1/1.    Broccoli Cuts, Corn, Green Beans, Mixed Vegetables & Peas on sale for $2.89.  Final Price $1.89!

On-Line Printable Coupons (on-line coupons sometimes have limited amounts available, so print while you can!)

$1/2 Rice Dream, Almond Dream or Soy Dream

$1/3 Simply Organics Seasoning Mixes, Dip Mixes or Salad Dressing Mixes

Spectrum, Imagine, Arrowhead Mills, Sunspire, or Hain Pure Food Products, any $3/3
       Possible deals include:  Hain Sea Salt on sale $1.19;  Arrowhead Mills Gingerbread or Sugar Cookie Mix on sale $3.29;  Imagine Foods Select Low Sodium Broths on sale for $2.39.  Imagine Gravy on sale for $1.99.  Sunspire Carob Vegan Baking Chips on sale for $3.29.  Spectrum Shortening on sale for $5.29.  Spectrum Canola Oil Baking Spray w/flour is on sale for $5.29.  Arrowhead Mills Organic Unbleached White Flour 2-lb on sale for $2.19

Organic Valley has the following coupons available on December 1st!  Great Deals Here!
$1/1 Gallon or Half Gallon Organic Valley Milk
$1 off 4, 6 or 8 oz. Organic Valley Cheese  (Select 8 oz. block cheese on sale for $4.19)
$1 off any 8 or 16 oz. Organic Valley Butter
$1 off any Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream  On sale for $1.49.  Final cost 49 cents!
$1 off any Organic Valley Cream Cheese  Whipped tubs $2.59.  Final cost $1.59!
$1 off any Organic Valley Sour Cream

Go to the following website and a pop-window shows up with $1/1 Garden of Eatin Chips!      Yellow Corn Mini-Rounds $2.05.  Final cost $1.05!

Blue Horizon Buy One Get One Free Skillet Meal, Breaded Shrimp or Spring Roll
Shrimp Spring Rolls on sale for $3.89.   Final cost $1.95 each, if use BOGO coupon!  Skillet Meals are $8.75 + some have a $1 off peelie!  Final cost could be as low as $3.88 each!

$1/1 Applegate Farm Product
Sunday Bacon on sale for $3.29.  Final cost $2.29.

Delicious Living has several great coupons!

$1/1 Back to Nature Product  Mac & Cheese Elbows on sale for $1.39  39 cents final cost!
75 cents off Lundberg Rice Chips 
$1/2 Tasty Bite Products

50 cents off one Blue Diamond Product of your choice.
On sale for $1.99 each.  Final cost $1.49!

50 cents off 3-6oz Brown Cow Yogurts or 50 cents off one 32 oz. Brown Cow Yogurt

Several coupons can be found at the following website:
50 cents off any two Mori Nu Silken Tofu Products
55 cents off Turtle Mountain Tempeh
$1 off Annie Chun Product  Thai Curry Noodles on sale for $2.29.  Final cost $1.29!

$1/1 Dr. Kracker Product

Extra Supplement Savings

$3/1 Natrol Product;  Natrol Acai 1200 mg on sale $12.69.  Final Cost $9.69

Extra Beauty Savings
$1/1 Aura Cacia Essential Oil Product.  Eucalyptus .5 oz e.o. on sale for $4.99.  Final Cost $3.99

Please remember all items and coupons are subject to availability.