Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy for Bath Salts?

After a day of sprinting in and out of winter's bitter weather, going home to a relaxing bath seems like the perfect way to end the day. To help make that bath just a bit more luxurious and refreshing, "EO" offers a line of bath salts with a variety of fragrances. 'Be Well', made with Eucalyptus essential oil and Arnica extract relieve muscle tension from a hard days work. The aromatic Blue Chamomile and Lavender of 'Nighty Night' sooth and promote restfulness, while revitalizing Tangerine essential oil, alongside Vanilla and Coconut, in 'Time Out' uplifts and refreshes. With several other wonderful aromas to choose from, selecting the perfect scent will be a breeze!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey, Baby!

We not only have grocery items for baby but we also have toys, bibs and... did I mention toys?! There is even a selection of Kansas made crafts for baby including knitted headbands, flower pins, onesies and diaper covers! You'll also find a great selection of bath toys and books.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vegan Wednesday! Earth Balance soy milks!

Earth Balance soy milks are now available at FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

Earth Balance soy milk is made with 100% AMERICAN SOYBEANS. It's vegan and gluten free and is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and Omega-3s!

It is the only refrigerated soy milk product that is Certified Organic and NON-GMO PROJECT CERTIFIED. To learn more about this project, go to!

Stop by Food For Thought today and pick up a carton!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vegan News! World's Best Veggie Burgers are HERE!

The World's Best Veggie Burgers are now available at Food For Thought!

These burgers are made in Lawrence, KS with organic ingredients and sunflower oil made from Kansas grown sunflowers! Stop in today and pick up a pack!

Gluten-Free Tuesday: New Healthy Snack!

One of my absolute favorite foods to snack on is granola (ask any of my friends... especially if they tell me they want to start eating healthier. My first response is an emphatic "EAT GRANOLA!!!"). It's easy to make (or buy) and you can use it in a variety of ways. Eat it by itself, as a cereal, add it to yogurt, make it into bars or use it in an ingredient in your cooking.

Granolas can be pretty high in fat and/or sugar, so make sure to check the ingredients! Avoid the granolas with lots of added sugar, chocolate, and oil. The benefits of good granola greatly outweigh the negatives, however. Consuming granola gives your body lots of fiber and, usually, antioxidants; it also very "heart healthy" and can aid in lowering cholesterol and preventing diseases. Make sure to stick to natural/organic granolas- these tend to have less of the "bad" sugars and ingredients. Still read the ingredients!

This past week, we started carrying Chappaqua Crunch Granola! Chappaqua granolas are not only gluten-free, but also boast containing significantly less sugar (and fat) than most granolas available. We have them in three different flavors and they are absolutely delicious! I can't wait to munch on some today!

Monday, January 10, 2011

20% off one yoga or fitness DVD of your choice!

Each month we feature a coupon in our newsletter.  This month, we are helping you get flexible and fit with a coupon for a yoga or fitness DVD.    We have a great selection of DVDs, yoga mats, books and accessories.  Two of my favorites we have right now are quick start Pilates and Rodney Yee's A.M. P.M. Yoga.  While cardio and weights are a big part of my workout strategy, I've learned the hard way, it is vital to stretch and lengthen my muscles!  These videos make it easy to do so at home, whenever I have a bit of "free" time.  Plus, Rodney Yee's videos always leave me feeling so calm and relaxed.  I can always use a bit more zen!

Check out our newsletter, grab the coupon and discover a new workout for the new year!