Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vegan Wednesday!

Daiya Vegan Cheese is NOW at Food For Thought!!
Daiya Vegan cheese is easily the best tasting and most versatile non-dairy cheese out there. And until recently it was mostly only available to order online (at least for those of us here in the midwest!). After ordering it online a few times and using it in pasta sauces, pizzas, etc. I was definitely a believer in Daiya's promises. If you look at any reviews of vegan cheeses online, you'll find that Daiya is often proclaimed the best. And with good reason! It melts better than most vegan cheeses, and it doesn't have that pungent smell that most vegan cheeses tend to have.
Daiya has been a hit for vegan restaraunts over the last few years and is now also being used in Tofurky's new frozen vegan pizzas (coming soon!). Daiya was a huge success at last years Natural Foods Expo, and the company could barely keep up with the demand! VegNews magazine also gave Daiya the Best Of Show award in 2009.

Stop in today at Food For Thought and give Daiya Vegan Cheese a try!

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