Friday, August 6, 2010

Dazzle On!

Summer season is drawing to a close and the new school year is looming on the horizon. For many, this means school pictures and the opportunity to shine for your peers. And the best way to make a great first impression; making sure those pearly whites are just that, pearly and white! And why whiten with harmful bleaches when you could use a safer, healthier solution? Here are several products that are healthier and work just as effectively as bleach!

"Dr. Ken's All Natural Maximum Care" toothpaste is flouride, gluten, soy, and sugar free! With powerful green tea extract, it fights bad breath while whitening your teeth simultaneously. "Xyliwhite" whitening toothpaste is made with vegan ingredients and reduces plaque with a baking soda based formula! Flouride-free "Jason's Powersmile" is another wonderful alternative to un-healthy whitening methods.

Another great solution to harmful bleaching techniques, "Eco-Dent" natural toothpowder! This powerful product is made with naturally effervescent baking soda to be less abrasive while neutralizing mouth acids. For 2-3 weeks, use the "ExtraBrite" treatment twice daily. Then maintain your dazzling new smile with "Eco-Dent Daily Care".

For those who are going through the teeth-whitening blues, have no fear! These natural solutions are available to help ensure your pearly whites are happy and healthy!

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