Friday, August 20, 2010


New to vitamins! 
Inner-eco Power Packed Probiotic!

Inner-eco is a fresh harvested coconut water probiotic kefir drink. This power packed probiotic is a living food containing naturally occurring enzymes and electrolytes with up to TRILLIONS of cultures per serving! Made with fresh young green coconut water, inner-eco is completely dairy and gluten-free. It's a 100% natural, effervescent beverage full of live cultures. Inner-eco can help eliminate sugar cravings, replace good bacteria into your system, and aid in proper digestion. Inner-eco should be opened with slight caution. Since it's naturally effervescent, you should avoid shaking it before opening and open slowly.


  1. They mention 180 Trillion friendly bacteria per tablespoon - That I find hard to believe...BodyEcology has a similar product with 4 Billion per serving - how can this Inner Eco deliver almost 70 thousand times more cultures?????

  2. inner-ēco ™'s dairy-free kefir is lab certified to contain up to trillions of health-promoting bacteria cultures per serving. inner-ēco™ kefir is a living food. Nothing is done to the coconuts or kefir to preserve or sterilize them chemically or with heat.

    Inner-eco's ingredients: Fresh harvested young green coconut water & dairy-free kefir cultures.

    BodyEcology's ingredients: blend of beneficial bacteria and yeast, filtered water, young coconut juice, honey, mung beans, brown rice, chick peas, red lentils, linseed, alfalfa seed, millet and quinoa.

  3. Thank you for the support,Food for Thought! We work hard to produce a product that is truly, hand crafted made in small batches with love and a purpose. Please learn more about inner-eco™ and our mission Feed, Free and Educate on our website. inner-eco™ is also a huge supporter of Donna Gates, and all of her products. Donna Gates is a big supporter of inner-eco and we appreciate her support! -Niki, cofounder inner-eco™

  4. I have used inner-eco daily for over a year now and am so thankful to have found it. I "found" it while traveling in Colorado. There was a tasting demonstration going on at a Pueblo health food store. I heard the stories, tasted the product, bought the product to take along on the rest of my vacation, and loved the results. I have rarely been sick in the past year! I appreciate what i have read of the company and their beginnings. I am thankful inner-eco is now in Wichita! Thank-you inner-eco and Food for Thought!

  5. How do you harvest this keifer?

  6. where can you buy this in Canada ?