Friday, October 8, 2010

Pucker Up!

Flipping through the pages of several fashion magazines, I noticed the bright reds, luscious pinks, and other vibrant shades of lipstick that have made their way back to the front covers. Envious of the bold tones, I quickly rushed out and snatched up a coral tone cosmetic of my own. But after a little studying, I've discovered the health danger hiding behind a colorful camouflage.

New studies indicate that several name-brand lipsticks contain trace amounts of lead, one of the ingredients that gives lipstick its vivid color! The heavy metal has been linked as a leading cause in several types of cancer! While the FDA has set limits for other products containing lead, cosmetics have no such regulations. However, there are two fabulous alternatives that promise clean ingredients while making your lips oh-so-kissable! "Nvey", an all organic makeup line, and "Lavera" have a variety of lipsticks and tints that come to the rescue! So next time you're tempted to rush out and grab up the latest color, consider these lovely selections!

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