Thursday, November 4, 2010

Calhoun Bend Mill Peach Cobbler Mix

Long ago, I received my great grandmother's recipe for peach cobbler. Still, to this day, I have never found a cobbler as good as hers. But I think I may have found a substitute for instances when I want that cozy, comfort food but don't want to scratch bake (which is often, lemme tell ya).

A few weeks ago we got in the Calhoun Bend Mill Peach Cobbler Mix. You add milk, butter and peaches to the mix, put it in a pan and you're set! Juicy, crispy and gooey all in one bite! We made it for our "Dessert's Galore" day and it was a hit. Wonderfully paired piping hot with a side of Alden's Vanilla Ice Cream!
(Warning: Not for the calorie faint of heart.)

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