Monday, January 10, 2011

20% off one yoga or fitness DVD of your choice!

Each month we feature a coupon in our newsletter.  This month, we are helping you get flexible and fit with a coupon for a yoga or fitness DVD.    We have a great selection of DVDs, yoga mats, books and accessories.  Two of my favorites we have right now are quick start Pilates and Rodney Yee's A.M. P.M. Yoga.  While cardio and weights are a big part of my workout strategy, I've learned the hard way, it is vital to stretch and lengthen my muscles!  These videos make it easy to do so at home, whenever I have a bit of "free" time.  Plus, Rodney Yee's videos always leave me feeling so calm and relaxed.  I can always use a bit more zen!

Check out our newsletter, grab the coupon and discover a new workout for the new year!


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