Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vegan Wednesday! Cleansing Juices!

It's a new year and it's a great time to think about cleansing your body of unwanted toxins (not to mention all the damage you did throughout the holiday season!). Everyone has new beginnings on the mind, and a cleansing detox is a great way to start! Here a few recipes I've found for detoxifying juices.
Healing Detox Juice
Serves 2
A sweeter, more subtle juice, but truly nutritious. Packs an antioxidant punch!
3-4 Carrots
125g Fresh Spinach
Handful of Flat Leaf Parsley
2-3 Sticks of Celery

Juice all ingredients (putting celery through last). Mix with water to taste or drink neat (your preference).

Vegetable Super Juice
Serves 2
1 whole cucumber
4 sticks of celery
2-4 handfuls of spinach
8 lettuce leaves
Any other greens!
Optional : parsley and fresh alfalfa sprouts

Juice all ingredients and mix 50/50 with distilled water. Add optional lemon juice to boost the alkalinity.

Stomach Cleanser
1 bunch Grapes
1 basket Strawberries
3 Apples
4 sprigs Fresh Mint

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