Friday, March 11, 2011


It finally feels like Spring is on it's way, and with it each year comes many people's chronic foe; allergies. One simple solution to the common allergy is to use the Neti-Pot. Touted on shows such as Dr. Oz and Oprah, many are now aware of the incredible cleansing powers of the little device, but some are fearful of trying the product because it might create a "drowning sensation". In truth however, only a slight tickle is left in the wake of the saline water as it passes through your nostrils, rejuvenating an area normally left untended to. Swing by Food For Thought and pick up the Neti-Pot if you want an answer to your Spring-time blues!


  1. I was definitely nervous about trying this, but I LOVED it. I didn't want to take any medication for congestion when I was pregnant and the NetiPot saved the day!

  2. The strain is to reach the solution from one nostril and let it feed finished the additional, so if you are not using a netty pots with manageable pressing, you can meet pitch your advance while movement your neck to forecast the flux of the bleach. You could use Neti Pot daily if you are comfy with it.