Saturday, January 16, 2010

Introducing this week's new products!

Every week we receive lots of new products in our grocery department.   We promised you would be "in-the-know" with this blog, so here is your inside scoop on the latest and greatest groceries!

Republic of Tea's limited edition Strawberry Chocolate makes all our mouth's water.  Supplies are get it why you can!
We also have brought in several new flavors of Bigelow teas including Earl Grey, Green and English Tea.  Brew up a hot cup tonight!  Select Bigelow teas are on sale for $1.99!
For the more sophisticated tea lover, checkout 1st Blush's White Tea Chardonnay Juice!   On sale this week for $2.39!

Snack Attack!
Have the munchies?  Satisfy them with these new healthy delights!
We've expanded our selection of Ike & Sam's Kettlecorn.  Sample their Original, or for the more daring, their Kickin Kayenne! 
Quench your thirst with Steaz's new  Zero Calorie drinks!  Flavors include raspberry and blackberry!  They've already become quite popular among our staff.  On sale this month for 69 cents each!

Want the convience of liquid eggs?  Check out Abbotsford Farms Cage-Free Egg Whites.  Introductory price is only $3.49!

It's here!  We've had customers requesting Gardein products and they are finally available to us!  Our selection has grown weekly!  Great buys include Pulled Shreds for $3.29 and BBQ skewers for $3.99.

Stonyfield Yo Baby's newest addition is their 3-in-1 Meals!  They contain yogurt + fruit + veggies.  The 4 packs are on sale for $3.09.  Save an extra 50 cents off when you sign up at Stonyfield Yogurt for their coupons here!  Final cost is $2.59!

New Gluten Free! 
Bob's Red Mill has a couple new gluten free mixes including a shortbread cookie mix!  Introductory price is only $2.79!

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