Friday, March 5, 2010

Ready to Eat Gluten-Free Soups

Gluten-Free Kettle Soups
When you are feeling under the weather, sometimes there is no better cure than a bowl of chicken and noodle soup.  Unless you have celiac disease or avoid gluten.   For many, grandmother's cure for the sniffles is just a dream.  Dream no more.  Kettle Soups has an amazing Gluten-Free line of frozen soups!  They are sold in "single" serve sizes, just heat and eat!  This line has a large variety of tasty soups and is also on-sale this month at Food for Thought for $2.79.  Even better yet, they are made with high quality ingredients and taste great!

The daughter of Kettle Soups founder was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over twenty years ago as a baby and when the FDA finally announced a proposed definition of gluten free for prepared foods he jumped at the opportunity to serve the Celiac Disease community with great tasting, wholesome, real food offerings.    They use only the finest all natural ingredients in each of their soups - from chicken raised without antibiotics on a vegetarian diet and beef raised without the use of any growth promoting hormones or antibiotics to cream sourced from local New England dairies that pledge to not use artificial growth hormones. Their goal is to always cook soups with ingredient statements that read like recipes rather than chemistry experiments and that only contain easily identifiable real food ingredients.

It is getting rave reviews as well!  Shape magazine voted it as one of the best snacks under 100 calories, Fitness magazine ranked it as the best chicken soup, Gluten Free TV suggested their chili would be good enough to have for "every meal," The Hungry Girl called their veggie chili "amazing," and over at the Gluten Free Blog they concluded their gluten-free chicken and noodle soup "tastes like the real thing!"

So what are you waiting for?  Discover Kettle Cuisine's soups in our gluten-free freezers. 

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  1. Yep, these guys really did a great job on the chili. If their chicken soup is anywhere near as good, they'll have a lot of fans. Thanks for watching :-)