Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eat your fruits & veggies and skip the pesticide!

The Dirty Dozen!
The FDA estimates that 20 pounds of pesticides per person are used annually in the U.S.   Some fruits and vegetables can have nine different pesticides in a single serving! Blech.  Thankfully, the Environmental Working Group studied 43 fruits and vegetables and ranked them according to contamination of pesticides. If you choose the organic version of the 12 “worst offenders,” you’ll reduce your exposure by 80%  Nearly all the studies used to create the list test produce after it has been rinsed or peeled.
Click here for the most recent Dirty Dozen List!

Then, check out these great deals of fruits and veggies this week at Food for Thought!  All items are Certified Organic!  We do not carry conventional produce.
Bananas 69 cents/lb
Meyer Lemons $1.59/lb
Valenica Oranges 89 cents/lb
Braeburn Apples $1.39/lb
Red Leaf Lettuce $1.69/lb
Bartlett Pears $1.79/lb
1-lb Bag Baby Carrots $1.79

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