Friday, June 25, 2010

Zap 'Em!

Morning time means crawling out of bed, climbing down the stairs of my loft bed, and trudging off to my bathroom to face the horror of what will be reflected in the mirror. Most days are usually filled with bad hair, greasy skin, and the occasional smudge of leftover eye makeup. However, one morning, I discovered an unfriendly looking something on my forehead that curiously resembled a unicorn’s horn. But upon a closer and more alert inspection, I realized it was something much worse! Trying to calm myself, I quickly thought of my options. The first, rummage around in my kitchen and find a suitable paper bag to cut out a few eye holes and shove over my head. And my other option, fight back!

Unsightly bumps and other unmentionables can be a great wake up call to better skin care. Even those of us with inherently flawless skin can encounter a few speed bumps that serve as reminders to always give our skin some much deserved TLC. After countless horrifying discoveries in my mirror, I have found a few great products to fight back against uncooperative skin!

“Burt’s Bees”, one of my personal favorites, offers a fantastic variety of products specifically directed to ward off acne. The company’s Acne Solutions “Daily Moisturizing Lotion” and “Spot Treatment” both sit side-by-side in my cupboard. “Naturalia”, an Australian-based company, provides a facial wash and cream that I’ve found to be quite helpful in zapping those annoying spots! But my “big guns” consist of two especially helpful products: “Home Health’s Blemish Treatment Lotion” and “Nature’s Gate Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment”. A bit more hardcore than others, these two products have been a great help to me on some of the hardest to treat acne spots. Because of the salicylic acid content, .5% and 2% respectively, they dig deep into pores while drying up those unwanted spots. Best of all, these products are also Paraben-Free!

For those who also awaken to discover that they might be changing into a mythical creature, these products are sure to help zap those spots (without harming any paper bags)!

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