Friday, July 9, 2010

Buzz Off

Like clock work, my mom watches the nightly news to hear about the next wave of humidity scheduled to hit Wichita. She’s quick to inform me of the impending weather so I can prepare for my best friend: the mosquito. Pesky, irritating, and numerous, these little insects seem drawn to anyone who decides to step outside. With giant itchy welts spread across my legs, arms, and yes, even my face sometimes, I know first hand how annoying these tiny terrors can be. Thankfully, I’ve discovered several products that put an end to the mosquito magnetism.

“Buzz Away” insect repellant does just what its name implies, it makes mosquitoes buzz right away from you! The best part: this product works! It boasts a terrific citronella scent and contains no Deet as well. “Bug Bands” are also another wonderful product. These colorful wrist, or ankle, bracelets emit bug repellant for up to 120 hours! They come in many different colors, great to match with your child’s squiggle bracelets! Slap it on and head outdoors with the assurance that you’ll be bug free for a fun summer evening!

For those who fear the great outdoors because of its smallest hazards, have no fear, these great products are available to help ensure your summer is the best, and most comfortable, yet!

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