Friday, July 23, 2010

Self-Prescribed Self-Tanner

After seeing my kneecaps look like those of Oompa-Loompa's, self-tanners have been thrown into my "to be avoided" list. But with the summer keeping me indoors with floor fans turned on full blast, I haven't ventured out to gain my summer "glow". And with vacations looming on the horizon, along with the end of summer, many are turning to these products for a quick fix. Gaining a bit of courage, I decided to try a few products and gauge their effectiveness. To my excitement, and hopefully yours too, I developed a little tip as I found several self-tanners that gave me the results I desired!

"Alba", always one of my favorite lines, provides a self-tanner that doesn't disappoint. The Paraben-Free product is easy to use and soaks into the skin, moisturizing while it works its magic! "Nature's Gate" has also introduced a line of self-tanners that range from light skin tones to darker tones. Also Paraben-Free, it does an excellent job as well! But the trick to self-tanners, mix them with another lotion to build a more gradual tan. By diluting the self-tanner, results will leave your skin just a shade darker and without blotchy marks all over your arms and legs!

So, for those who need a quick fix for their tanning woes, arm yourself with a little trick and some self-tanner. Summer's still here, so enjoy your vacation without looking like an Oompa-Loompa!

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