Monday, July 26, 2010

Wave hello to Earth Friendly's Auto Dishwashing Gel!

Sure, it's good for the environment and your health, but does it work?  Check out the indpendent tests below comparing Earth Friendly's auto dishwashing gel with a popular mainstream brand!  If you are ready to test it out at home, print a coupon out here for $1/1 Earth Friendly Auto Gel and hurry in!


Wave® as tested by an independent consumer testing laboratory has been evaluated as comparable in performance to Cascade® while using half as much and without any of those harmful ingredients.

When tested per client instructions, both samples of Gel Dishwasher Detergents are rated as Good and they both demonstrate generally comparable performance and consumer serviceability. Both samples performed generally comparably in tests for spotting, fi lming, and soil removal for one full cycle in the automatic dishwasher. Per client request, the Cascade® sample was tested by placing 20 grams of product into BOTH dispensing cups, PLUS A RINSE INHIBITOR in the appropriate dispenser, while the Wave® sample was tested by placing 20 grams of the gel into only ONE dispenser cup, with NO RINSE INHIBITOR added due to the Wave sample having a rinse inhibitor incorporated into the product.

The Results are in...

Brand:             Wave® 2X     Cascade®
Spotting:          None              None
Filming:            None              None
Soil Removal:   No Traces      No Traces
pH                   5.5                 11

Made from plants! Free of 1,4-Dioxane, phosphates, formaldehyde, chlorine, GMO’s, petrochemicals,
ammonia and so much more. pH Neutral. Safe for you. Safe for your dishes. Safe for the planet!

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