Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New to Housewares: The Best Water Bottle Yet!

New to our housewares department: TAKEYA GLASS WATER BOTTLES! Takeya's version of this eco-friendly bottle is sure to make it your go-to water bottle after your first use! At 16 oz, it is an easy size to take along with you. Continuing the tradition of their line, the bottles feature an airtight, leak-proof twist cap. A smart addition is the silicone jacket that not only personalizes your bottle, but also protects your bottle (especially if you have clutzy tendencies, like me), helps keep your drink cold, and protects you from getting chilled! In addition, both the bottle and the jacket are dishwasher safe, making your clean up as effortless as possible!

If being an eco-friendly leader isn't enough of a reason to invest in one of these bottles, there are other reasons to consider switching out your favorite gym companion.
- There is no plastic or metallic taste to the water (or whatever else you put in bottles to take along with you) if you are using a glass bottle.
- It's BPA free (but be careful with the lids!), so you are poisoning yourself.
- Plastics break down over time and with temperature changes, making your water a potential carrier of harmful toxins and micro-organisms. Glass does not alter in this way.
- If you're like me and you have to have a cold drink with you on all of your daily adventures, liquids stored in glass will cool down more quickly in the refrigerator and will stay cooler for a longer amount of time.
-Glass bottles, if they get damaged or you decide to trade your's in, are very easily recycled. Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable and create a lot of waste.
Stop in and check out the new bottles today!

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