Friday, September 17, 2010

Smell Tactics

I can still remember the moments prior to tests in my middle school math class. The teacher would pass around a bag of mints, claiming they helped improve students scores on tests. I took her words to heart, popping a mint under my tongue with lightening speed, hoping I could maybe score a second mint later. It wasn't until recently that I learned her little trick had science on its side! Natural aromatherapy methods have been proven to not only increase alertness, but also do better on tests!

Aromatherapy has many wonderful uses. It can swiftly make your house smell better to anyone who walks through your front door, eliminate foul odors, and even change your mood! Research shows that Lavender essential oils reduce beta waves in the brain. Lavender oil also corresponds directly with relaxation, lessens depression, and allows for faster and more accurate computation skills! Lemon essential oils result in an increased ability to memorize information! Mint oils, such as peppermint and spearmint, have been shown to energize and increase awareness while aiding with the recall of information! Many more essential oils have been directly correlated to increases in brain functions and work magnificently!

Everytime before a test now, I'm reminded of those middle schools day and my teacher's words of wisdom. With a little "Thank you" in my heart, I appreciate her little trick and have managed to score better than I would have thought possible!

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