Friday, October 22, 2010


Bentonite clay is renowned for its clarifying and deep cleansing properties. Natives realized, thousands of years ago, that ingesting small amounts of the substance with meals acted as a medicine that relieved a wide variety of ailments. Today, we now know that this medicinal clay can be used just as effectively externally as it is internally!

Redmond, a city in Utah, is located near a buried treasure trove of benotonite clay left behind from volcano eruptions long ago. Their clay contains more than 50 trace minerals essential to the human body and its health! Not only do they provide a pure powder form of the clay, excellent for both internal and external use, but they also boast a hydrated clay "Facial Mud" mask! It works wonders to treat and heal the skin by drawing out toxins and removing impurities while toning skin at the same time!

Stop by Food For Thought and try nature's own bentonite clay!

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