Friday, November 19, 2010

Filter On!

With the harsh winter cold swiftly approaching, now is the season of preparing for dry, brittle hair. Shampoos and deep conditioners for moisurizing and nourishing our precious locks. Despite all of these products, sometimes, hair can still seem a little limp in this department. But it's not always because we're mistreating our hair. There's something lurking in our water that lies at the root of these problems.

Chlorine, a toxic gas which attacks living cells, is used to treat municipal water supplies and kills micor-organicms. However, it also targets organic material and damages living cells, stripping protein from skin and hair. It leaves dry skin, split ends, and broken hair shafts in its wake. As chlorine is absorbed into the body, its vapor irritates sesitive eye tissues while being inhaled into our lungs. There is hope though... "Enviro Products Premium" offers a shower filter that purifies and rids the water of this dangerous chemical (as well as its odor)! After removing the harmful effects of chlorine, hair, skin, and scalp begin to feel smoother, softer, and healthier than ever before! In days, it reduces lung and eye irritation, dry and itchy skin, dandruff, chlorine odors, brittle and dull hair, as well as fast fading of colored and treated hair!

So if you'd like to step out of your shower with a healthy, "squeeky-clean" feeling every morning, then stop by Food For Thought and check out "Enviro Products Premium Shower Filter"!

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