Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have you checked out our tea room lately? We literally have a wall FILLED with teas. From loose leaf to powdered to bulk to bagged. Just take your pick.

With the temperature rising why not make a pitcher of iced tea? Don't want to heat up your kitchen while boiling water? There's always the option of making "Sun" tea or better yet brewing it up right in your fridge!

We not only carry pre-blended teas such as "Sunset Rouge" and "Tangerine White Tea" but we also carry the ingredients to make your very own blends! Pick a base such as green, white or black tea, yerba mate, oolong or rooibos. Then mix in some flavors such as:

rose petals
lemon peel
orange peel
wild cherry bark
licorice root
(all available in our bulk herb room!)

Instead of using sugar to sweeten your tea why not try fruit juice? It's healthier AND adds a extra bit of refreshing flavor!

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