Monday, June 13, 2011

Why we don't carry conventional produce

Food for Thought carries ONLY certified organic produce and locally grown, pesticide & chemical free fruits and veggies, a decision made based on our commitment to the highest standards.    Many of our customers have decided to switch to organic produce for a variety of reasons.  Some choose organic due to their efforts to reduce exposure harmful chemicals in their diets.  Others prefer the taste and increased nutrient content that organic produce provides.   Others have compromised immune systems and wish to avoid any synthetic chemicals on their food.

At times, organic does cost more.  Organic farming is labor intensive and production levels are less than conventional produce.  Sometimes, organic produce does not look as pretty as conventional.   Certain varieties of produce are not available year-round.  Conventional produce would allow us to charge less and offer more variety.  However, we'd rather make a few less dollars to provide our customers with products that are not saturated with potentially toxic chemicals or being produced using Genetically Modified Organisms.   

We have found many consumers assume ALL natural foods store carry only organic produce.  Many of the countries largest chains carry both.   We recognize there are standards in place to help reduce contamination of organic foods by conventional produce, but we feel it is too easy for cross-contamination to occur.   There is no way to guarantee that a conventional product doesn't co-mingle with organic.  Some might argue that the chance for any chemical transfer is minimal.  We'd rather not risk ANY contamination, especially as research continues to indicate the negative health impacts of various pesticides and herbicides.   

We also champion local products.  We do carry local produce that has not been grown with any chemicals or pesticides.  As the summer season arrives, we hope to have more and more local produce overflowing on our shelves!

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