Friday, July 29, 2011

Sun-kissed Kitchen!

It's true for most of us that staying outside for too long under the sun's hot rays can cause burning, which means skin damage! When I discovered that attaining sun-kissed skin is as simple as opening the refrigerator door, it seemed too good to be true. But studies have shown that antioxidants called Carotenoids, commonly found in brightly colored produce such as carrots, red peppers, squash, and tomatoes, are more effective at bestowing radiance to your skin than even the sun's rays! Lead researcher at the University of Nottingham, Dr. Ian Stephen asserts that by incorporating these foods into your diet is a great alternative to lying in the sun and a more attractive skin color.
Why are carotenoids so astounding? They specialize in absorbing the harmful compounds our bodies create when under stress and strain, especially when trying to fend off illness. While sunlight still remains an excellent source of Vitamin D, support a healthier lifestyle by utilizing other methods for a glowing complexion!

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