Friday, April 16, 2010

Health & Beauty: Tamanu Oil!

Tamanu oil is the up-and-coming health & beauty craze that was recently featured on Dr. Oz as an acne and pimple "healer". While that is what it's best known for, tamanu oil's properties and benefits span well beyond that single use! We're falling in love with it and I'm sure you'll see why!

WHAT IS IT? Tamanu is a tree that is indigenous to Tahiti, Madagascar, and a few other tropical islands. The tree blooms twice per year, and the white flowers later yield clusters of yellow-skinned fruit. To derive the oil, the fruit is opened and hulled, and then dried for two months in the sun. It is then cold pressed and a sticky, dark oil is produced. It takes approximately 100 kilos of fruit to yield 5 kilos of oil! Tamanu oil is typically found blended with olive oil. Our Tamanu Oil is USDA certified organic, and is a 50/50 blend of tamanu oil and cold pressed olive oil.
THE BENEFITS Tamanu oil has skin healing, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties! Combined with the olive oil, your skin is going to be bright, clear, and moisturized! In case helping you have gorgeous skin wasn't enough of a reason for you to check out this wonder oil, it also works wonders on burns, rashes, insect bites, and cuts. In addition, tamanu oil is reputed to be great for people suffering from psoriasis or eczema. Another suggested use is to massage the oil into sore muscles or areas affected by arthritis.
***If you have a nut allergy, do NOT use tamanu oil***

Come in to the store's beauty department and check it out!

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