Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food for Thought Giveaway: Keto Slim Shake & Bars

Now that spring is here and we shed those extra layers of clothing, some of us find ourselves newly motivated to lose a few extra pounds.  If you find yourself in that category enter this week's sweepstakes which includes Nature's Plus Keto Slim Protein Shake and KetoSlim Protein Bars.    Sure, you have to eat right and exercise, but this tasty duo will assist your efforts!  The KetoSlim shake contains critical vitamins and minerals, critical metabolism support, green whole food blend, flora and enzymes.  It is a "precisely calibrated formula that replinshes what your body demands for energy, weight management and total well-being."    Ready to jumpstart your weight loss efforts?  Enter today by leaving your name and email address in our comments section.    Drawing will be held next Saturday, April 24th!