Monday, May 3, 2010

Food for Thought Giveaway: Kiss My Face

Looking to keep your face clean and clear? Look no further than the Break Out Botanical Acne Gel and Pore Shrink Deep Cleansing Mask by Kiss My Face! The gel is great for all skin types and features tea tree oil (an anti-bacterial), mint (great for soothing and stimulating) and lemon balm (it's calming, soothing and balancing).

The mask features bentonite clay (it absorbs oil and toxins), tea tree oil, and lemon grass oil (an anti-inflammatory) and is wonderful for keeping acne-prone skin under control and shrinking pores!
Sound like something you'd like? Enter your name and email address in the comment section of the blog! The winner will be drawn Saturday, May 8!


  1. Kathryn

  2. Erin Koerner