Friday, May 7, 2010

Healthy & Beauty: Topricin

Topricin, over the last several months, has become my best friend. It is a homeopathic pain relief gel... and it actually works! Topricin is creme based and is super moisturizing, without leaving an oily residue. It is paraben, petroleum, fragrance, lanolin, menthol and mineral oil free (so it isn't going to damage your skin and it doesn't smell or leave that burning or tingling sensation like IcyHot). As an added bonus, you can use Topricin in conjunction with regular medications. There are several active ingredients, but the most prominent are aesculus hippocastanum (helps relieve pain in the lower back, hip and spine), arnica montana (contusions, impact injuries), are belladonna (spasms and cramps). Three different variations of Topricin are available:

Topricin Classic is great for joint pain (including arthritis), lower back, neck and shoulder pain, impact injuries, strains, minor burns and insect bites, and helps relieve tendonitis and post-surgical and injection site pain.

Topricin Junior is a modified version of the Classic. In addition to "bumps, bruises and bug bites", impact injuries and strains, Junior also features bellis perennis, which is great for muscle soreness, among other ailments... In other words, it's going to help your child not feel those growing pains quite so much!

And, my personal savior, Topricin Foot Therapy Cream. It helps with nerve pain, gout, heel pain, bunions, injuries, shin splints, sprains, Achilles tendonitis, and Plantar fasciitis. I can personally vouch for this product- over the course of my high school and college careers, I damaged one of my ankles so badly (and so repeatedly) that two tendons literally are made of scar tissue and two small bones cannot heal because they are shattered beyond repair. Sounds painful, right? It is most days, except when I remember to use this cream. It doesn't always make the pain go away (but let's face it- there's a lot of damage, so there's a lot of pain), but it definitely dulls it to the point where I don't realize there's anything wrong with it. It's a lifesaver!!!

Come in to the store and check it out- and ask in the Health & Beauty department for more information about Topricin. Keep checking the blog weekly- we'll be giving a bottle of the Topricin Foot Therapy Cream away soon!

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