Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chocolate Brownies.....with Black Beans?!?

I had heard about a recipe for Black Bean Brownies a few years back but never got up the nerve to actually make them. Because, however bold I am at trying weird and unusual food items I just wasn't quite sure about my dessert.

But it's a great concept. Beans equal fiber. And fiber equals ....well, I think you get the idea. They are basically a win win.

I tried the recipe the other night and they were super easy to make and delicious. You cannot tell they have beans in them whatsoever. The taste is the same as a normal brownie as well as the texture. Here is the recipe for those brave souls who are so inclined:
Black Bean Brownies

1 box of organic brownie mix
1-15 oz. can of organic black beans

Rinse beans in can until all existing water is gone and fill can up with fresh water. Put into food processor until beans and water are smooth.

Add to brownie mix and follow the box instructions. Voila!

(my husband was totally into these brownies and loved them until I "spilled the beans" on what the number one ingredient was). So don't tell a soul in your family and this will be a great way for your kids to get in the extra fiber they need in their diet while still eating chocolate! You can also substitute pinto beans in place of the black beans. One can of black beans contains almost 21 grams of fiber by the way. Although, I don't suggest you eat the whole batch yourself.

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  1. I started making these this summer, and they're great! Easy to make, and also, think about the extra protein you are getting!