Friday, September 3, 2010

Go Wild!

Pulling out a load of freshly cleaned clothes and reveling in the scent of cleanliness, I realize how much I love my laundry detergent! Not often a statement you hear, but if your detergent acted more like a five-star spa for your clothes, treating them with tender loving care as they were primped and primed for the next time you need them, you might hear it a bit more frequently!

"Indigo Wild", a brand that never fails to disappoint, has rolled out yet another product to go wild over! Their new aromatherapy laundry soaps, so luscious that they can only be found in our Health and Beauty section, give your clothes the TLC they deserve as they spin and tumble in your washer and dryer. The secret to their fabulous product; pure essential oils that leave your clothes smelling great without introducing harmful chemicals! Natural vegetable oils also soften fabrics while tenderly doting on your whites, brights, darks, and delicates! Their highly concentrated and low sudsing formula is a great alternative for high-efficiency machines! And with four luxurious scents (Frankincense & Myrrh, Eucalyptus-Citrus, Lavender, and Sweet Orange) what could possibly be better?

So next time your feeling down about your lack-luster detergent, go wild with "Indigo Wild's" handmade, natural aromatherapy laundry soaps!

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