Friday, October 1, 2010


Lying in the dentist's chair, I still remember the decision between Bubblegum or Grape flavored fluoride rinse. After recently rescheduling an appointment, I recalled not having to make the choice in some time. However, it could be because of the newly shed light on the health risks attributed to fluoride.

According to several researchers, ingesting too much fluoride can lead to the failure in crystallization of enamel on adult teeth. It also acts in a way that lowers the I.Q. of children, according to Dr. Phyllis Mullinex. Because fluoride is accumulated in the body and not secreted, it has the potential to lead to cancer as well. But have no fear, there are several brands of toothpaste that offer fluoride-free alternatives! "Tom's Natural Care Toothpaste" boasts a variety of fluoride-free (and SLS-free) toothpastes! Another fluoride-free alternative; "Dr. Ken's Maximum Care" toothpaste also whitens teeth while protecting them from tartar and plaque! "Burt's Bees", "Spry", "Now's Xyliwhite", and "Jason's" also produce fluoride-free products for maximum dental care!

With many new alternatives to conventional, fluoride filled toothpastes, rest easy knowing that healthier options are waiting!

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