Monday, June 28, 2010

Flower Remedies for You and Your Pets!

I know from experience that pets deal with stress and trauma in many different ways, and that although many of them have the ability to "live in the moment", their hardships can follow them for years on end. My family found my dog Snaps before she was even 8weeks. She had been stranded all alone in mid-April, which meant she had been facing our stormy Spring weather all alone until she came to us. Now, every time a storm starts to brew in any part of Kansas, Snaps finds her way in to a full on panic attack. Now after doing some research into Bach's Original Flower Remedies and their Rescue Remedy line, I feel as though Snaps may have the chance to stay clam and emotionally healthy the next time it starts to sprinkle in Olathe.

Rescue Remedy Pet is available in a 10ml (0.35 fl oz) bottle for $11.89 in Food For Thought's vitamin section. The #1 natural reliever of everyday stress is a blend of 5 of the 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies. The product can be used to help with such overwhelming situations as:
  • visiting the vet
  • loud noises (especially popular this time of year with fireworks from Fourth of July)
  • shock, trauma or mistreatment (like with my dog Snaps)
  • adapting to loss of companion
  • separation anxiety
  • adapting to new home, to a kennel or stable
  • obsessive behaviors (like constant licking, nibbling of self, chasing shadows, excessive barking)
Rescue Remedy is formulated for humans and pets of all shapes and types; however, keep in mind that those sensitive to alcohol should first dilute the dosages before administration. And if you don't believe me, here is a list of just some of the types of animals it can be used with: reptiles, cats, fish (add to tank water), dogs, birds (dilute in water before administering), horses, rabbits, and much more.  It is recommended by veterinarians as an inexpensive, all natural way to keep your pets happy. However, I must include that for persistent conditions, it is recommended that a professional veterinarian examine your pet in order to prevent a misdiagnosis, as problems with mood and emotional stability can be symptoms of underlying health problems or nutritional deficiencies.
In order to use, the 4 drops or 2 sprays (depending on the bottle) can be applied directly by mouth, in their food, water, or on a treat. It can also be rubbed directly on their nose, ears or paws. Choose the easiest method for you and your pet that ensures they receive the correct dosage.

Remember, if you would rather use more specific flower remedies over the Rescue Remedy Pet, we currently carry a few of the 20ml bottles for a little over $14. For example, Aspen helps feelings of apprehension and anxiety, Star of Bethlehem helps with feelings of shock, trauma, or loss and Vervain helps with overpowering energy and tense feelings. These Original Flower Remedies are used by putting 2 drops at a time.

Come by Food for Thought to review the products and take one of our free pamphlets with a personal questionnaire (or use their online Remedy Chooser) to decide which one will work best for you and your furry family.

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  1. Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower "essences".