Monday, June 28, 2010

ThreaNeem Giveaway!

Congrats, Pearl, for winning this week's giveaway!!!

Battling for better skin? Are you having "summer breakouts"? Craving that elasticity your skin used to have? Neem Oil products may be the answer to your problems!

Neem oil comes from a tree native to India and surrounding countries. It has several medicinal qualities, can be used as an insecticide, and can help skin keep its elasticity, among other uses. Neem branches are still sold in India as toothbrushes because the bark can remove plaque and the oil released when chewed has anti-bacterial properties.

Pumped up about neem? This week's giveaway features TheraNeem Lotion, Soap, and Cinnamon Toothpaste by Organix! If you're interested in winning, enter your name and e-mail address in the comment section on the blog! Best of luck!

Pick-up for prize is available in-store only!


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